The Hummingbird Effect

Hummingbirds with Datura Flower Art

The Hummingbird Effect: An Illustration of Bio-intelligence


The Hummingbird effect illustrates the inherent intelligence of our biology at work – Bio-Intelligence. This is our creativity, diversity, improvisational abilities and interdependence which Body of Wonder offerings explore.

When we participate intentionally to bring greater experience of cohesiveness within ourselves then this impacts the world we are with. Change happens and moves with all that we are connected with – which is all. When we attune to this, we see it everywhere. 

The Hummingbird Effect was coined by Steven Johnson. He speaks, that innovation in one area can trigger unpredictable and unexpected advancement in other seemingly unrelated realms. What he observed is that the availability of sugar in flowers inspired hummingbirds’ ability to extract it while remaining motionless in flight. This is an example of bio-intelligence ~ our inherent creativity and versatility, as well as the interdependence of life.

“You wouldn’t have thought that the evolution of pollen would alter the design of a hummingbird’s wing. But that is the way change happens.”

— Steve Johnson from “How We Got To Now, Six Innovations That Made The Modern World.

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