“Take whatever beliefs you want, I am not one to judge or tell one how to live their lives. I can only speak of the first-hand results that stare our family in the face. Prue has a gift, an energy, a spirit that mends ailing souls with grace and dignity. Whether physical, mental, or self-inflicted, Prue has the natural ability to delve into the core of a disease or an affliction and channel it’s hold over an individual. Her humble and gracious soul then goes to work clearing the internal trauma haunting her patients. Our family will be forever grateful for the work she has done with our Mother, who is now thriving and relishing her life, largely in part to her sessions with Prue. Our natural, human energy, our own force fields, so to speak, are more powerful than we know. Those who possess the ability to channel this energy and use it for good, for healing, for sending positive vibrations throughout the universe are rare and special human beings who make the world a better place. Prue is definitely one of those amazing souls who has the power to help people change their own lives.”

— Nicasio Latasa – Author – www.nicasiolatasa.com


Prue brings so much compassion and presence with her. I have been blessed to have her for living and health support, for myself, and my children over the years.

– Julie​


“Prue has helped me through some of the most fragile times in my life over the years. From cancer diagnosis, through anxiety and depression, and then my children, my mother and my husband with various problems. I have trusted her with my whole family and life many times. She does this so quietly, and with a relaxed, warm and consistent down to earth way. Her sessions and the time with her are deep, strong and wise. I think the life experiences that she brings to the table are rare and precious. She is very much a catalyst. Her presence is a true gift to whomever she touches. Her light shines brightly to consistently remind me of my own inside. 

​- MC – Business Owner


“Peaceful and sublime healing of the body and the spirit. That’s how I would describe my session with Prue. I went to see Prue about a pulled lower back and abdomen. When the session was over, not only was I feeling 100% physically healed, but there was a release of emotion and energy that I had never previously experienced. I left feeling like my entire being had received a cleanse. Thank you Prue!!!!”​

— Adam Marek – Manager


“My shoulder hurt for years, and one day after surfing, the pain got to a point that my right arm was pretty much useless.  Prue told me to come by and she’d see if she could help me with the pain. I am glad I put my shoulder in her hands, because I was surfing again shortly thereafter!  My shoulder is very rarely an issue anymore since my session with Prue, and I can’t thank her enough.”

— Tutti Nieves – Designer


“My lower back was hurting so bad, that my friend scheduled me a session with Prue. I was in so much discomfort that I could not function very well before I went in, but after Prue worked with me, I was able to get back to my daily routine. Her Energy Healing and Bodywork released whatever was bound up, and I was ready to go ! “

​— Cristina Valentin – Early Childhood Educator


“Prue, I handled a rough day today with peace and calm thanks to you!!! Mwoa! ” 

— S.S – H.H.P & Mother