The Heart: Presence, Interdependence & Circulation

Advanced Primer



Saturday April 29th, 2023

1PM-5PM Pacific Standard Time

Sunday April 30th, 2023

1PM-5PM Pacific Standard Time

FEE: $175.00

Recordings will be made available for participants for 12 months.

The Heart

Seminar Summary

The Heart is a center of convergence for the many different processes of the body. This advanced seminar for Craniosacral therapists explores the biology of interdependency, interconnection and circulation that the heart supports in multiple ways throughout our bodies. 

The heart is a vortex of fluid artistry. In this seminar we look at the fluid dynamics of vortex rings, a guiding force for evolution in nature, which we see in the vortex slalom of trout, or in the propulsion of jellyfish, and how these motifs play a role in the creation and shaping of our hearts over millennia. 

We move beyond hierarchical anatomy & physiology constructs, move into interdependency which the heart inspires, and get to the heart of how our lives are sustained by the swirling vortices and transformations that occur within the heart, which are distributed throughout the body, to support our bodily functions and being alive.


The seminar also explores some of the specifics on heart tissues,  electro-physiology of the heart and blood, as well as vasomotion and its effects on cerebrospinal fluid flow.  

It will explore the impact events like stress, cardiac arrest, covid-19, virus’ and poor health choices can have on the heart, the brain and the entire body and how to support clients with these conditions with Craniosacral Therapy. 

There will also be discussions about compassion, interdependency and transpersonal experiences of the heart field. As a portal from individuation to the merging into oneness of our existence – how do practitioner navigate their own experiences within sessions, and that of their clients.

About the educator

Prue Jeffries, CMT, RCST®, MSME/T is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Teacher and Continuum Teacher. In her personal practice and personal life with loved ones Prue has worked deeply with conditions of the heart for over 15 years.

From navigating and working in complex medical situations such as heart transplants to the emotional and transpersonal realms that the heart can awaken within us. Prue amalgamates her direct real world experiences and knowledge with latest scientific research to create seminars that support craniosacral therapists in their everyday practices.


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