NAIO™ is a holistic life awareness process that uses somatic education principles to support a greater sense of well-being and connection with life. 


NAIO™ is a holistic awareness process using somatic education principles to support well-being. Our personal selves are a microcosm of a macrocosm, a vast cosmic plenum of creative flow. A dynamic wholeness in flux, permeated by a cosmic ordering principle, an Open Order. As the earth itself, we are water-based life, in a process of Physis, Ancient Greek meaning “to become” or “grow into” and also “nature” – Being and Becoming. The flow of life is a continuous process of becoming, made explicit through our biology; that is  the earth, nature and our bodies. Open Order can be conceived as a Matrix, with emergent coherent ordering, that is the bodily expression of being, implicit within the becoming. NAIO™ supports awareness and engagement with this process. NAIO Practitioners procure open awareness and compassionate connection. They use gentle touch to guide clients’ engagement of their experiential and sensory capacities. This supports awareness of the polyrhythmic and varietal movements of life – organizing, conducting and maintaining lived experience. The movements are often non-linear, spiral, wave, circular, pulsing, undulating, fluctuating and effulgent. People often encounter a sense of innate flow, spaciousness, relaxation and harmony.

NAIO™ supports movement awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation, co-regulation, creativity, resourcing, reorganizing, and renewal which the underlying flow of life orchestrates.

Flowing in the Wonder of Water
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NAIO™ is not a technique applied to someone. Life is an evolutionary, emergent and generative process. NAIO honors this by listening and bringing awareness to this process. Doing so supports embodied awareness of the vastness of life. It is a holistic awareness approach to wellbeing based on the practitioner’s soft, listening, gentle touch and awareness of movements that support the client to experience themselves in new, non-habitual and creative ways. NAIO can often induce deep relaxation, a by-product can be the resolution of imbalances. It can be considered a form of education. Through experiential awareness it introduces new ways of sensing, feeling, moving and relating. The experiential learning process transforms our relationship and understanding of the body, movement, life experience and perception in a gentle and progressive manner.

Practitioner Training Program in NAIO™

A 900-hour practitioner training program available in NAIO .

The NAIO Practitioner Training Program through NAIO International is an 

Approved Training Program through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy AssociationISMETA.

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