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The Watermark Arts Journal Inaugural Issue 2018

by Prue Jeffries with Elaine Colandrea

A conversation between two explorers of the fluid realms ~

Prue Jeffries, Professional Surfer, Craniosacral Therapist,  Movement Educator Elaine Colandrea, Dancer, Choreographer, Somatic Educator & Continuum Teacher.

The first issue takes you into a conversation about the sheer intelligence of water, and how ultimately human creativity is an embodied experience of fluidity.

This new online journal, enriched with photographs, art, and video, bringing somatic artistry into the stream of cultural consciousness.

Translated into French and Italian

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Water is the medium from which life emerge. It is a mysterious substance that resolves the illusion that intangible and tangible are separate realities.Water is paradoxical: in one moment it becomes a boundary, in the next it melts into infinity. 

~ Prue Jeffries,  The Artistry of Water

The Artistry of Water

A short film inspired by the Watermark Arts Journal issue – The Artistry of Water.

Written and narrated by Prue Jeffries & Elaine Colandrea. Music by Morena Boschetto. Filming & Editing Prue Jeffries.