What to expect from a session

Personal Sessions in Naio™ and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy are facilitated in full clothing.

Sessions include touch, and can also include movement and sound.

Some sessions do not use touch and maybe more reflective or meditational. 

Sessions can be quiet or silent or we can talk – or a combination, it’s really what is of most comfortable for you.

Often in sessions, the sense of time will be altered and so please understand that as the deeper nature of the work creates this – I like to allow space when we work.

I do my best with you to embrace what arises for you in the moment.

I support as best I can what helps in finding your relationship with wholeness and the flow of your unique life source or expression which I trust supports a better quality of life experience.

If it is your first session or workshop please print and fill out the Session Intake form on the site and bring with you to our session.

As a by-product of the practice we do, some people feel various health conditions are better supported. 

However -: 

Sessions are not a substitute for appropriate medical or professional care such as medical doctors, psychologists or other licensed therapists and healthcare professionals. It’s your responsibility to please seek that care for yourself and those you love or are in your care. It’s wise to use all the help and expertise available that you can.

Make sure to read the disclaimer here.