Surf the Flow Wellness Retreats

Surf the Flow™ Health & Wellness Retreats

Bespoke active focused Health and Wellness retreats specializing with instruction in Stand Up Paddling, Surfing, Kayaking and hiking in beautiful natural settings worldwide combined with restorative movement and awareness classes are available through Surf the Flow™. Taking time off from the fast pace of everyday life – to renew oneself by being in nature, enjoying good company, eating well, and exploring new cultures and sites is a wonderful catalyst for supporting overall wellbeing and learning skills to take home and continue to support you health.

Prue Jeffries combines her 40 years of water and health knowledge from her professional surfing career, training, canoe paddling, SUP and hiking with her holistic therapists and educator experience for these retreats.

Locations include SUP Retreats in Malta, Surf & SUP Retreats in Australia, Surf & SUP in the Maldives. 

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