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The Evolutionary Biology of Vortex Rings: Unveiling Nature’s Blueprint for the Heart, Vasomotion, and Flow Patterns

Evolutionary biology provides insights into the remarkable adaptations and structures that have emerged in the natural world over millions of years. Among these fascinating phenomena are vortex rings, which play a crucial role in various natural systems.

From the universal birthing of solar systems to the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and volcanic magma, vortex rings are ubiquitous. Wherever there is fluid dynamics, there are vortex rings at work. They have also been found to shape the development and function of the heart, vasomotion, and flow patterns. This article explores the connection between vortex rings and evolutionary biology. I would like to shed some light on their role within the cardiovascular system.

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What is a Body?

What is a Body? Really?​ I can see Body as an emergent, relational, generative process, unfolding from the vastness of what David Bohm called the Implicit Order – The Ground. Through the lens of each person’s life experience, it is given a context and meaning, in each moment, as it seeks to fold back into Wholeness the conditional influences of our environmental, historical, collective and cultural milieu that converge within the organismic biology of what we commonly call I or Me, a ​body​.

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Flourishing with the Serendipity of life

Travel is a great teacher. Travel within ourselves and also the travel around our beautiful planet meeting new people, cultures, points of view – enjoying but not being limited or overly identified by cultural beliefs so that we can find relationship with ourselves and others. This is also true for the travel and explorations within ourselves. Not being limited by beliefs, so we can shine a light on aspects of ourselves, that can be brought into a fuller relationship with our wholeness.

Although taking the initial step into unknown territory can bring some trepidation, once in the unknown and moving with it, there is a freedom and excitement that emerges, a curiosity. To be in a place of vibrant listening and engagement, not actively searching or expecting for an outcome. In listening with a sense of trust in whatever could emerge, the Serendipity that is underpinning all of our lives will gently come to the fore as primary orchestrator. Even in what may seem the most dire circumstances – it can still be there to soften an otherwise harsh or cruel and senseless time.

Serendipity is often described as an unexpected surprise and fortuitous event. A deeper understanding of Serendipity is that it is an actual capacity rather than an event. Which means we can develop the capacity to behold and appreciate the events that emerge that we are participating as. I am choosing to say “as” rather than “in”. Because We, You or I, the participants and the event, destiny, predestination and creation are one and the same. Serendipity is the threads that keep life flourishing, renewing and growing.


In Serendipity emerges the anomaly. A new opening or revelation and therefore innovation and transformation – expressions of evolution. To be qualified, not necessarily quantified initially. Yet through interdependence may ripple out in unexpected places. By procuring the capacity to be an open state, being receptive, Serendipity orchestrates through revealing an innovative and evolutionary event or process. This is my understanding of what a revolution is. I could say with much that is happening in the world we need a revolution in the usual sense it is used. Yet revolution I feel comes from a capacity to procure an inner state that informs how we relate and create with and as the world. We can modify language and culture, yet in ways this is still more akin to changing our clothes. And as we are seeing easily manipulatable and controllable. What I am talking about is change, deeply rooted in the structure of who we are, and therefore how we are relating.


I have a fondness for Hummingbirds, and for the understanding of the Hummingbird Effect, which is in essence another way of perceiving Serendipity revealing in biology and nature, and its capacity to be a way shower for innovation and change. The Hummingbird Effect was coined by Steven Johnson. He speaks, that innovation in one area can trigger unpredictable and unexpected advancement in other seeming unrelated realms. What he observed is that the availability of sugar in flowers inspired hummingbirds ability to extract it while remaining motionless in flight. This is also an example of bio-intelligence ~ our inherent creativity and versatility, as well as the interdependence of life. ​

“You wouldn’t have thought that the evolution of pollen would alter the design of a hummingbird’s wing. But that is the way change happens.” ​ — Steve Johnson from “How We Got To Now, Six Innovations That Made The Modern World.


Serendipity is in the something new, something unfamiliar, in the unknown, that which is hidden behind the veil of our perceptions. As a capacity, it is being poised, being suspended by what is Known and so explicit and the Unknown – the yet to be revealed, the implicit. The Known and Unknown are one in flowing wholeness. We can see this in the blooming of buds into flowers, the unfolding of an acorn into an oak tree, a caterpillar into a butterfly, in our own embryological creation. This is not just shedding our skins, this is transmutation into another form, and what I feel always has been present within, yet implicit, and so for us to discover in our unfolding. The eternal expressing through ephemeral means in infinite ways. Cultivating the capacity for Serendipity to emerge can come in many ways. May we keep procuring the art of listening, stay engaged in our unfolding, serenade the capacity to behold and find some Serendipity in our lives, where something new can emerge that has been in the background or implicit to our awareness, and most of all share it with others. Living this way is a quiet revolution not dependent on culture, yet can impact culture in many ways. It’s living as the actual movement, the flow of intelligence in every moment and recognizing it everywhere.

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