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Exploring the Meaning of Somatics: The Etymology and Application of “Soma” in Movement and Therapeutics

Somatics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses movement, therapy, and embodied awareness. In the realm of movement and therapeutic practices, the term “somatics” has gained prominence as an approach that delves into the holistic understanding and embodiment of the human experience. Somatics focuses on the conscious exploration and integration of the mind, body, and spirit. In this article, we delve into the etymology of the word soma and its significance in the context of movement and therapeutic practices today.

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What is a Body?

What is a Body? Really?​ I can see Body as an emergent, relational, generative process, unfolding from the vastness of what David Bohm called the Implicit Order – The Ground. Through the lens of each person’s life experience, it is given a context and meaning, in each moment, as it seeks to fold back into Wholeness the conditional influences of our environmental, historical, collective and cultural milieu that converge within the organismic biology of what we commonly call I or Me, a ​body​.

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